Announcing the 2016 Picture Plymouth Photo Contest Winners

Every year we look forward to the flood of images that appear on our submission site as we launch our annual photo contest. This year was no different and we received countless beautiful photos from many talented members of our community. Although it is always a tough job to narrow down our winners, the judging panel has spoken, and we have our winners.

See the photos here!

Activities & Events

1st place: Reflecting Freedom by Rachel Hall
2nd place: PNH 10 All Stars...2nd Place Ain't Too Bad! by Jodi Arlt
3rd place: REO 1906 by Jim Strand


1st place: Undying Gratitude by Rachel Hall
2nd place: Polar Express by Mark Wahl
3rd place: Leapfrog at Millenium Garden by Peg Brantman
Honorable mention: Golden Sunrise by Chris Dunleavy (pictured above)


1st place: Arbordoggie by Rachel La Fleur
2nd place: Bored Kitten by Whitney Hauser
3rd place: Chubs the Hamster by Rachel La Fleur
Honorable Mention: Dandi Dexter by Sarah Houghland

People & Families

1st place: Tunnel Tumblin' by David Dobrin
2nd place: Zach Fishing by Pat Yentzer
3rd place: Ready for Summer by Rebecca Shamblin
Honorable Mention: Mischief Contemplated by Rebecca Shamblin

Nature & Wildlife

1st place: I'm Watching You... by Jodi Arlt
2nd place: Camouflage by Gloria Rice
3rd place: Backyard Coyote by Mark Polson
Honorable mentions: Water Cooler Gossip by Gloria Rice and All in the Family by Scot Mohn

Overall Winner

S'mores Brothers by Andrea Potashnick

Readers' Choice Winner

Portal Sunset on Medicine Lake by Ann Harty