Healthy Clothes for Happy Babies

A Plymouth mom creates a line of baby clothes that look and feel good.

Born from a mother’s pursuit of non-toxic baby clothes, Cutie Bees is an everyday lifestyle brand offering chic wardrobe ensembles for children ages 0–24 months.

Pooja Songar, CEO and founder of Cutie Bees, says the idea struck when she had her first child in early 2010. When only a few weeks old, her daughter Sarah began to experience red, uncomfortable skin rashes. After trying various solutions—switching bath soaps, laundry detergents and baby formula—the real cause of the rashes was discovered: A reaction to chemicals found in most baby clothing.

Songar began researching and what she found concerned her. “Eight of the most-found chemicals in baby clothing are toxic, and research studies have confirmed their linkages with asthma, allergies, obesity and [more],” she says. The Cutie Bees line, based out of Plymouth, is designed by a team of fashion majors from different universities across the nation. (Students from Kent State University in Ohio are creating the upcoming collection.)

Cutie Bees clothing is 100 percent certified organic and free from harmful chemicals found in most baby clothing such as formaldehyde and flame retardants. $10–$45