Home Staging Tips from Plymouth’s Janet Lawrence

Three home-staging tips from a Plymouth pro who knows.

Preparing a home to sell just got easier with advice from Janet Lawrence, owner and operator of Set to Show.  1. Clean and de-clutter: “That’s kind of the biggest thing,” Lawrence says. “If you can’t do anything else, do that ... It sets that tone. Clean, clean, clean is my mantra.” If you need extra help, Lawrence suggests working with a licensed, professional cleaner.2. Lighten and brighten. Make sure every light bulb is at the highest wattage allowable, and set lights in new fixtures. “You can get really affordable, up-to-date light fixtures that create the perception that your whole house is up to date,” Lawrence says. Then open up drapes and blinds, or nix them altogether, as there’s rarely a style that appeals to all consumers. One of her favorite local spots for light fixtures is Home Depot, thanks to what she calls “great values and selection”.3. Neutralize everything. Toned-down colors and streamlined furniture appeal to more consumers; small splashes of color can add just enough personality. “I definitely follow trends, but we don’t want to be trendy,” Lawrence says. “We want things to look current and fresh without looking dated.”