Local Photographer Captures “Turkeys in the Backyard”

Local photographer Pat Yentzer captures a unique shot.
A group of wild turkeys lands in the backyard of a Plymouth resident.

Pat Yentzer, Plymouth resident and amateur photographer, remembers last August when he snapped a photo of more than a dozen turkeys in his backyard. “We were sitting on our deck and one lone turkey landed in our backyard, and then another and another, and before long we had over a dozen turkeys in our backyard, walking gracefully in a family parade across our lawn,” he says.

Capturing moments like these since he was a kid, Yentzer is inspired by life’s energy and activity. One of his favorite quotes is, “Art is order out of chaos,” by Stephen Sondheim. With his wife of 27 years and two grown sons, Yentzer loves to pursue photography as a passion, not a job. He typically uses a Canon digital SLR and iPhone. “Back before digital, I even had a darkroom,” Yentzer says. “[I was] inspired by my mom, who is an artist of several passions including photography.”