One Stop Shop

Meet Team Thompson.

Team Thompson has come a long way. Husband and wife Dan and Kristi Thompson have been working together for the past 17 years guiding clients through the home buying process on two fronts.

“I got into the business first. A friend of mine got me a job working at a mortgage company after college,” says Dan. He then persuaded Kristi to join him in the industry.

Working in similar roles, the couple found that they were losing potential business. “We realized a lot of our clients were looking for a Realtor,” says Kristi, which led to Dan switching over to real estate. “Over the years, we’ve figured out how to make the home buying process fun, yet super convenient for clients.”

Kristi is a loan originator at American Mortgage & Equity Consultants while Dan is a real estate agent at Re/MAX Results. The couple considers their “seamless cooperation” the most enjoyable aspect of the job. “I know what Kristi is going to do, and she knows what I am going to do. We work really well together,” Dan explains.

“We are a team. Therefore if we need anything we just contact each other and we need less from our clients as a result. This makes it much easier for the clients,” Kristi says. “And because we are working with families, we usually develop friendships as we end up talking about kids, schools and careers.”

Being in the same industry can create a challenge at times. Dan says it can be difficult to maintain a healthy balance between work and family. However, neither have any complaints — they both enjoy work and make sure to carve out time for their three children.
“It is fun talking about new ideas and our next developments with each other,” Kristi says.