Stay On-Trend With These Beauty Picks

Summer Hair Trends
Minimalistic is the word of the summer when it comes to hair trends. Senior stylist Abby Sundquist from New Reflections Salon anticipates the no-fuss, messy bun to be the summer look this year. Women everywhere will be rocking the messy bun and ponytail, as well as an unkempt bob or a longer pixie cut. Looking for something new to try? Balayage is a hand-painted method for highlighting, and Sundquist says it provides a brightness toward the front of your face, mixed with the deep, darker roots that work to create a great reflection, and “an almost clean-grunge look.”

A Summer Glow
The Pantone color of the year is ultra-violet, and the color schemes for the summer reflect that vibe, Sundquist says. She recommends a minimalistic feel, with neutral products and pops of color, such as the purple, ultra-violet. A great way to look great while also protecting your face this summer is to use the Aveda tinted moisturizer by itself, which “embraces the clean, fresh off of the beach kind of look,” Sundquist says.

Skincare During the Warmer Months
Protecting your skin from the sun is one of the most beneficial things you can do, and using sunscreen is a great way to accomplish this. Dr. Phil Ecker from Minnesota Dermatology says the best sunscreens follow two main rules. “It should be broad-spectrum, covering both UV-A and UV-B, and it should be SPF 30 or higher,” he says. Some of Ecker’s favorites are Elta MD Clear and Sun Bum. However, he says you really can’t go wrong if you follow those two rules and really use it consistently.