How to take care of your furry friend during the holidays

How to take care of your furry friend during the holidays

Thanksgiving is a time to gather with all kinds of friends and family, including the furry ones! Chuck and Dons of Plymouth East gives a few suggestions on how to properly care for your pet this holiday season. 

Many typical dishes served at a Thanksgiving feast are not suitable for dogs and cats which is why it is important to keep them occupied while you enjoy your own food. Provide them with an interactive toy or chew to keep them busy. Chuck and Don’s has a large and rotating variety of toys in stock.  Read more about How to take care of your furry friend during the holidays

Am I Ready to be a Pet Owner?

Consider these factors when making your decision.
As exciting as the decision of getting a pet seems, it can also be intimidating with the ever increasing variety of pets and services available. Here’s what Carissa Williamson, DVM, veterinarian at Oakwood Pet Clinic, recommends potential pet owner consider before committing to a furry friend.
Home Size
People considering a pet should determine the type based on whether they have “the right environment.” Housing sizes should be kept compatible with sizes of the pets, Williamson says. Read more about Am I Ready to be a Pet Owner?


Doggy Day Care at Camp Bow Wow

Josh Kruse was living in Iowa when his college friend Nick Netley asked him to move to Minnesota and open up a dog daycare and boarding facility with him. Netley had been taking his own dog to Camp Bow Wow in Burnsville, and although the friendly staff and great service kept him and his pup happy, the long drive was beginning to wear on them both. Read more about Doggy Day Care at Camp Bow Wow


Doggie Duty

Watching her grandson play with the family dog inspired Anna Garcia Hyland to write a simple, educational book to help children learn the responsibilities of owning a dog. The first in an ongoing series of books to help guide children and their families through bringing a dog into the house, “It’s important for every member of the family to know their responsibilities,” Hyland says. “Learning that starts young.” Read more about Doggie Duty

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