2017 Trends in Wine with Christian Nesheim of Vinifera Wines

Vinifera Wines owner Christian Nesheim offers an insider’s perspective.
Turn to Christian Nesheim for the latest in wine and beer.

Vinifera Wines and Ales is a popular stop for wine lovers, and owner and manager Christian Nesheim serves as a great source of information about the trends and options this spring season.

What trends in wine can we see this year?

I think we’ll continue to see value blends, ones that aren’t designed to be paired with food, the kind that you would drink after a long day at work. Red blends are looking to be the most popular. I think we’ll also see more small family brands. They have been increasing in character and quality over the years, and they can be very good now.

Will we continue to see more wines with screw tops versus corks?

I don’t see why not. They make for a perfectly good seal. The fact is, 95 percent of wines are intended to be consumed immediately. For wines that have to age longer, you probably won’t see many screw tops. Those will stick with the traditional cork top.

We’ve been hearing more about sustainability. Is this a trend?

Most wineries are doing everything they can to do no damage to the environment they are working with to make their land last longer and to throw down fewer chemicals. They don’t always advertise it because there’s currently not a certification.

Vinifera offers tastings every day, Monday through Saturday. Check their calendar at the website here.