Fitness by Lori Goodsell

Tips to keep those wellness goals this winter.

As a chiropractor whose focus is fitness, Lori Goodsell sees many common obstacles keep people from being fit. So post-holiday season with those pesky New Year’s resolutions pending, we wondered:

Q: “How can I maintain an effective and healthy level of fitness with a busy lifestyle?”

Problem to avoid: Guilt over spending time on your personal fitness causes you to give priority to everyone else. It can be difficult to find the balance to get it all done. If you aren’t healthy, energetic and strong, it is difficult to fill your role as mom, dad, spouse or business person. Feeling good about yourself will improve your performance all around.

Fitness is more fun and sustainable if you do something you enjoy. Surely there is no hotter hell than an hour on the stair master alone. For sustainable fitness, find something that is fun. I find groups to join. This helps you look forward to seeing friends, even when you don’t look forward to the workout.

It’s better to do a little consistently than a lot once in a while. Let’s face it: Most of us can’t dedicate an hour to fitness daily. Aim for something active every day. At least one day a week, it doesn’t work. If all you can commit to on your short days is walking your dog or three sets of pushups and 25 sit ups, doing something will keep you on track to meet your goals.

Speaking of goals, set some. Whether it is biking to St. Boni, running your first 5k or completing a duathalon, having a goal will keep you on track for success.


Lori Goodsell has had a chiropractic office in Plymouth for more than 11 years, with the most recent location in the Annapolis Office Park just north of Axel’s Bonfire. She specializes in sports, fitness and kids. Watch for her employee wellness programs at General Mills, Cargill, Carlson Companies and Digital River. 763.553.0387.