Tips: Adam’s Pest Control

We’ve got tips from Todd Leyse, president of Adam’s Pest Control.

Check for wasp nests. Look around your home and nearby structures for nests, as risk of getting stung increases the more activity there is around a nest.


Spray for mosquitoes. While the Metropolitan Mosquito Control District treats much of the Twin Cities area, those living near wetlands, swamps and pools might need additional treatments. If you’re having an outdoor party, you may want to consider having your yard specially sprayed. If your backyard is unbearable to enjoy because of all the mosquitoes, consider spraying your yard every three to four weeks.


Ensure your house is sealed. When the weather cools down, occasional invaders like mice, cluster flies and ladybugs look to warm up in our homes. Mice can fit through a hole as small as quarter-inch in diameter—if you can stick a pen through a hole, a mouse can fit through.


Perform periodic inspections. Once or twice a year walk around your home and look for holes and nests. Air conditioning lines are a popular entryway for pests, as is siding as it moves and shifts over time.


Concerned about the environment? You’re not alone. The pest-control industry attempts to use least-impact materials on a regular basis, but there are times when a greener solution might be available. Don’t be afraid to ask about your options. 922 Hwy. 55 Ste. 100,
Medina; 763.478.9810;