Picture Plymouth: Framing the Fire’s Flames

Capturing the moment without taming the flames.
Anjelica Martino's expressive campfire photo.

As she sat with her two siblings, Anjelica Martino seized the free sprit of this summer bonfire by capturing its dance on camera. As the flames fed on the fire’s log, Martino knew that the kindling reaction would offer a photo-worthy moment. Although the radiant light and life of this image was recorded in a snapshot’s second, it’s only because Martino doesn’t leave home without her camera—her pride and passion.

Years ago, Martino found herself bored at her siblings’ sporting events, so Santa gifted her a treasure she’d tie to her hands for many years to come. Inspired by photographers of class and culture, Martino’s taste and style is saturated with depth, creativity and intention. Nature and sports are her go-to photography subjects, which is why she adores the work of Ansel Adams, who invites his gazing followers “to see beyond the superficial beauty,” according to Martino, and into the bits and pieces that permeate reality. Her love for Dorothea Lange was born out of her respect for Lange’s ability to see “the beauty in everything, even the Depression,” she says.

To Martino, this flame-infused photo is just another reminder that we must seize the sentimental value of every moment life sends our way: If it can’t be captured by camera, it can always be hidden in our hearts. As you look through your life lens, may you be inspired by what you see and be given a fire of your own.