Plymouth Native KARE 11 Lindsey Seavert

Lindsey Seavert on what makes her proud to hail from our community.
Lindsey Seavert

 What was your favorite part of growing up in Plymouth?

I grew up in a picturesque neighborhood near Bass Lake with gigantic cottonwood trees in the backyard. All the neighborhood kids loved exploring the surrounding nature, the creek that led to the lake and the numerous trails. We often rollerbladed to French Regional Park or went on many adventures along the bike paths in the area. We felt safe and could explore without ever crossing a busy street.


Share your best Plymouth adventure.

When my sister and I were little, Target Greatland was being built off Rockford Road but there wasn’t yet a road to get there. At the time, crews were constructing what is now Northwest Boulevard. We never told our parents, but we would secretly ride our bikes several miles to get to Target—in basically a gigantic gravel trench—to buy gum or lip gloss or whatever. It was pretty far when we were young. We were afraid we would get in trouble or they would say no if we asked, but that journey was memorable because we felt grown-up.

What’s your favorite Plymouth sight to see?

I had moved away from Minnesota for nearly a decade, but came back to discover the Millennium Garden. I often plan a run around the garden to take in the gorgeous landscaping, and I’ve even walked the labyrinth a few times. In the winter, I enjoy jogging on the domed track at the community center nearby.

Tell us about your favorite Plymouth spring activity.

Again, I’ll run outside on the many gorgeous trails, and all year long, I love to go to the Plymouth Life Time Fitness.

What’s your favorite place to shop in Plymouth?

I love Heartbreaker, and how can you ever go wrong with HomeGoods or TJ Maxx off Rockford Road?

And your favorite Plymouth restaurant?

Chez Arnaud French Bakery—exquisite!

What’s your favorite Plymouth date spot?

I like theater and music, so I’m always up for catching a concert at the Hilde Performance Center or the Plymouth Playhouse.

What makes Plymouth a great place to live?

I’m a new parent with a 18-month-old son and have been reflecting on what makes a great community in which to raise a family. Plymouth is a refuge for all types of families: You can enjoy the lakes and remote trails but buzz into the metro area within minutes. You can access the arts but head to the parks for all sorts of sports. You can choose from an array of retail and restaurants. It’s a suburb that offers a sense of community and safety. I’m proud to be from Plymouth.