Karen Callahan's Afternoon Tea

An inspiring image of the fleeting moments of childhood.

A word to the camera-wise: Carry your camera with you always. It’s longtime hobby photographer Karen Callahan’s one tip to success.

Callahan’s been snapping images since a high school class piqued her interest almost 30 years ago. This particular image, shot last summer in her backyard looking into a neighbor’s, was an inspirational entry in the Picture Plymouth 2011 photo contest.

“The girls [friends of Callahan’s daughters] looked so cute, they resembled some old ladies stopping to chat,” she says. “Little kids especially inspire me, because they grow so fast.”

An 18-year Plymouth resident, Callahan says she loves the town because it has everything her kids need—the parks are great, yet they’re still close to the larger city of Minneapolis.


While Karen Callahan’s image didn’t place in last year’s Picture Plymouth contest, we’re thrilled to be able to share it on the pages of this magazine, and we look forward to more of her—and your—entries in this year’s contest, which begins again August 1. Watch this magazine and plymouthmag.com for details.