Plymouth Chocolatier The Painted Turtle Infuses Wine and Chocolate

A local chocolatier sure to put Willy Wonka to shame.
The Painted Turtle's chocolate treats.

A charming artisan chocolate shop called The Painted Turtle is sitting cozy just off Sixth Avenue. While offering delicious sugary confections like chocolate-covered marshmallows and chocolate suckers that give kids a spotty smile, the chocolatier also has a much more decadent and mature spread of sweets for chocolate-loving adults.

The Painted Turtle crafts its truffles in small batches to ensure the freshest and most diverse array of mouth-watering flavors. A popular gift-giving option is a small box slipped over the neck of your favorite wine. Sea salt dark chocolate, raspberry chocolate and triple dark chocolate are only a smattering of available flavors that come in a lovely gold case of four ($10.95).

Customers purchase their own wine for the pairing that best suits their palate, but owner Pat Godfrey suggests a red wine with dark chocolate. “You want a wine that has a little bit of kick to it,” she says.

If you want to take wine out of the equation altogether, just gnaw on a chocolate champagne bottle ($7.95) or a solid chocolate cork ($2.25). The Painted Turtle sells many other original goodies such as chocolate grape clusters ($3.75), painted with a stunning display of colored cocoa butter, or bite-sized painted grapes ($3.95) in a box of four. Hand-picking a mixture of chocolates makes for a sweet gift your loved ones are sure to savor.