Picture Plymouth Image at French Park

Liz Ansley focuses on French Park for this Picture Plymouth photo.
Liz Ansley captures the sparkling winter scenery in French Park.

When the bitter cold days of winter give way to weather that's pleasantly brisk, it's the perfect opportunity to take a stroll. But don't forget a camera to capture the striking sights. That’s just what happened for Liz Ansley, local photographer extraordinaire.

"[The] 2010–2011 winter was so cold that I didn't get out much to do landscapes," says Ansley. "This was a spring snow, so it was the perfect opportunity to take early morning photos without freezing to death."

And a tripod helped for the crystal-clear "French Park at Dawn in Early Spring," taken in the early morning hours in April 2011. Ansley's photo lens amazingly picked up every glittering speck in the pavement; the result is like a sparkly little black dress topped off with a rustic, down-filled parka.

Photography is an art that Ansley has been honing for a few years, but it started back in her childhood. "When I was growing up, my mother had a dark room in the house and I did go shooting with her," she says. "I didn't come back to photography until 2009 (my late 30s). I guess it must have been an interest that was always there, but I was too busy to take time to nurture it."

Ansley's exquisite compositions have graced book covers internationally, including a French title by Michelle Paver featuring an image of Medicine Lake.

While Ansley admits she "does not like winter at all," this likely won't be her last snow-dusted shot, as she is happy with the result. "I think it’s beautiful," she says.