Erica Chua’s Travel Logs

Reflections on the new year from a world-traveler.
Erica and Matt Chua, living "what if" in 2011.

What’s your New Year’s resolution? As cliché as New Year’s resolutions might seem, we choose them because we want to make a change. We look at our life today and think, “what if I __________?” For my husband and me, our big “what if” was, “what if we quit our jobs and traveled the world?” What if you stopped thinking about it and instead made this the year that you make your resolution a reality?

In December 2010 we departed Plymouth with a one-way ticket to Vietnam for New Years. Leaving was not the start, but the culmination of years of saving, planning and dreaming. Since then we have visited 12 countries, creating lasting memories and learning many valuable life lessons. It would be impossible to pick a favorite memory, from Mount Everest in Tibet to the beautiful beaches of the Philippines and the history of Cambodia.  While the sights have been stunning and the experiences life-changing, the most inspiring is gaining the peace of mind that we won’t be looking back on 2011 and saying “what if”; we can look back and know regardless of what the future holds, our seemingly unrealistic resolution was made a reality.  

My challenge to you for the next year is to consider the power of your New Year’s resolution. What is it that you want to do? It could bring you to far-flung destinations, create a lifestyle overhaul or something much more personal. Your resolution is up to you, but no matter what it is, this last year has taught me that anything is possible with perseverance and hard work.  Enjoy the journey, no matter what your destination may be!