Pamper Your Pooch

Fairy dogparents pamper your pooch.
Jill Hyland cuddles with a Fairy Dogchild, Weimaraner puppy Chauncey. The care service is ideal for this breed, known for its high energy and tendency toward separation anxiety.

When you’re out and about and your dog is not, he is likely lazing around engulfed in dreams of snatching leashes and scarfing treats. With the flick of a wand and a wag of a tail, Fairy Dogparents can make those doggy dreams come true. Jill Hyland, owner of Fairy Dogparents, says, “The dogs love us because we give them walks and treats and play with them—some of dogs’ very favorite things.” Fresh water, meals, medications (if needed) and ample bathroom breaks are just some of the standards awaiting every pooch pampered by a Fairy Dogparent. But perhaps the best part is knowing your best friend will be exercised and happy in the comfort of your own home. “Our service is not only helpful physically and behaviorally for the dogs, but also for peace of mind of the clients,” Hyland says.