Three Rivers Park District Family Maple Syruping Event

Three Rivers Park District invites families to experience the syruping process.

Patience is a virtue—no the virtue—when it comes to preparing and enjoying delectably sweet maple syrup. The sap of a maple tree runs ever so slowly—even slower when you’re watching—and 30–40 gallons of the stuff boils down to just one lone gallon of mouth-watering golden brown sweetness. But it’s well worth the wait, so head to French Regional Park for the Three Rivers Park District’s Family Maple Syruping event, where you can experience the process for yourself.

You’ll learn how American Indians and early settlers used this natural resource to help sustain their way of life—and you’ll make your own syrup, too. Don’t worry: There’s plenty of syrup already made to lather on Three Rivers’ green flapjacks in celebration of St. Patrick’s Day, so sit back and eat to your heart’s delight. 


Family Maple Syruping

March 17

French Regional Park, 12605 Rockford Rd.

$6; 1–3 p.m.