Heidi Eitreim's Award-Winning Photo Captures the Fire & Ice Festival

Owen slides on the ice
Owen slides around on the ice at Parker's Lake

For Heidi Eitreim, having kids reignited a passion she first found in college: the study of photography. She had taken a few classes some 13 years ago, but it really was “wanting to capture every little thing my kids do” that caused her to study the craft.

            This image of 5-year-old Owen at Fire and Ice Festival last year on Parkers Lake is just one example: “I love to capture my kids’ expressions as they play, sleep, learn, even pout—all of it,” she says. “I never want to forget.” Sliding on the Frozen Lake earned Eitreim a third-place nod in the 2011 Picture Plymouth photo contest.

Eitreim and her husband, Steve, have lived in Plymouth for about four and a half years. They have three boys—in addition to Owen, Luka, 3, and Emmett, almost 2—plus a new baby girl born in January, and their German shepherd Gunnar.