Update: Four Seasons Mall

Taking a look at plans for the Four Seasons mall space.

Constructed in the late 1970s, the Four Seasons Mall near Highway 169 and Rockford Road is one of the older, mostly vacated buildings in Plymouth. While some enjoy the vintage physique, others say it’s time for Four Seasons to get a facelift.

According to Steve Juetten, community development director for Plymouth, the city council views redevelopment as a sign of strength, but “whatever is put there must fit in with the area and the community.” Plymouth asks two things from redevelopments: Respect the area and the people, and ensure traffic can be accommodated.

Retail conglomerate Wal-Mart owns the Four Seasons Mall property currently, and Juetten says he imagines Wal-Mart might want to build a “typical suburban facility.” When we talked to Juetten in March, Wal-Mart had neither submitted a proposal nor been approved by the city council. If Wal-Mart does open a store, residents will have to wait until a required roadway improvement is made, minimizing possible traffic congestion in the area.

While the addition of Wal-Mart has some residents excited, “Everyone’s got a different opinion,” says Juetten. “Some want Wal-Mart, some want it to be a park, others think retail is important but want it to be pedestrian friendly and more compatible with the area.”



This story is constantly being updated. For current information on the status of Four Seasons Mall, visit plymouthmn.gov or call 763.509.5400.