Heart Healthy Restaurants in Plymouth

Take care of your heart the delicious way.



New studies reveal that inflammation is a major factor in heart disease. One surefire way to fight inflammation is with a whole foods diet that is high in fiber that’s full of healthy Omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants and the monounsaturated fats. (And, yes, a little red wine, too.) Who knew that the road to a healthy heart could be so delicious?


Solo’s Pizza Cafe

Think pizza is off limits? No way! Solos Pizza Cafe offers a selection of “under 500 calorie” pies that include a multigrain crust, skim mozzarella and a full serving of vegetables. Turkey pepperoni combined with a generous scattering of mushrooms, chopped tomatoes and onion, makes this little pie satisfying on all levels. $6.25. 2700 Annapolis Cir.; 763.331.0233


Uchu Peruvian Cuisine

Peruvian happens to be one of the healthiest cuisines going, due to its abundance of seafood. Uchu’s menu includes a dedicated section of cebiche, a raw seafood dish made from citrus, onion and cilantro. (Don’t let the raw factor dissuade you; the acids in the citrus actually “cook” the seafood.) The Mariscos version is a stunning medley of shrimp, calamari, octopus and scallops, marinated in lime and generously flecked with cilantro and chopped red onion. $12.95. 4130 Berkshire Ln. N.; 763.577.3744; uchuperu.com


Pineda Tacos

One of the best things about a Pineda taco is the personal customization of the fillings, so you can choose heart-healthy options like grilled chicken, a soft corn tortilla, and lettuce, tomato and cilantro. And then there are the salsas! Capsaicin, the heat-creating compound in chili peppers, happens to be the heart’s good friend, found in varying degrees in the chunky pico de gallo,  smoky roasted rojo and picante verde with sliced fresh jalapenos. $1.95 per taco. 60 Nathan Ln. N.; 763.545.1977



Potbelly Sandwich Shop

The Mediterranean diet is touted as one of the healthiest, so it stands to reason that a Mediterranean sandwich is a good-for-you option. Potbelly delivers an exciting combination of hummus, feta cheese, artichoke hearts, cucumbers and roasted red peppers. Ask for the toasted multigrain bread with the “thin-cut” option and piled on even more veggies: lettuce, onion, tomatoes and hot peppers. $4.90. 3235 Vicksburg Ln.; 763.577.9800


Jake’s City Grille

Whenever you see the word “grilled,” it’s bound to be lower in fat, thus higher on the heart-health scale. This fresh tilapia is mild, and the build-your-own option ensures healthy ingredients (it’s up to you!), so we loaded ours with chunky pico de gallo, lettuce and a dollop of guacamole. Add warm tacos and spicy Cajun seasoning. $12.95. 3005 Harbor Ln. N.; 763.559.1595; jakescitygrille.com

The grilled tilapia tacos from Jake's come with various accoutrements to make it your own.


Mort’s Delicatessen

You can still eat some of your favorite foods and be heart-healthy; if you allow a few modifications. You might miss the fatty corned beef or pastrami in a traditional Reuben sandwich, but if you use lean turkey breast instead, it’s called a Rachel and it happens to be delicious in its own right. Mort’s builds a beautiful Rachel, stacking grilled marbled rye to a teetering point. Go easy on the Thousand Island dressing—but not to worry, the sauerkraut is so flavorful, you won’t feel deprived. $12.99. 525 Winnetka Ave. N., Golden Valley; 763.544.2900



Another key ingredient for cardiovascular health? Fiber! Beans are an excellent source of both fiber and protein, and Smashburger’s black bean burger is to die for. Consider ordering yours “spicy baja”-style, adding a multigrain bun (more fiber!) and omitting the cheese. It came with a hefty schmear of creamy guacamole, sliced red onion and tomato, and a frilly lettuce leaf. Add just a dab of the incendiary chipotle mayonnaise for a touch of smoky heat.  $4.99. 3225 Vicksburg Ln. N.; 763.252.1496; smashburger.com


Tea House Chinese Restaurant

Vegetables are the best delivery system for fiber and vitamins; the current recommended daily allowance is five cups. Our favorite way to consume lots of veggies is in a stir-fry, and the happy Buddha vegetable bowl at Tea House was just the ticket. The array of carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, snow peas, water chestnuts, Napa cabbage and bamboo shoots are lightly simmered in a mild, velvety sauce so that each vegetable retained its essential crunch, flavor and color. $9.95. 88 Nathan Ln.; 763.544.3422



Kobe Restaurant

You can get a hearty dose of those precious Omega-3 fatty acids at Kobe: Oily fish like salmon and mackerel are full of it. The Chirashi dinner features a rainbow of sliced raw fish draped over a bed of seasoned sushi rice. To accent the fish, there are yellow oshinko (a spicy radish), slim strips of tamago (omelet) and a bright orange center of ikura (salmon roe). It’s as beautiful to behold as it is delectable to eat—such artistry must be good for your heart. $18.95. 15555 34th Ave. N.; 763.559.9999; kobemn.com