McNaughton in Walmart Contest

McNaughton products compete in Walmart contest.
McNaughton Inc. Buckle-Gaurd Pro.

In February two products from Plymouth-based McNaughton Incorporated, competed in Walmart’s premiere “Get on the Shelf” contest—a competition similar to American Idol but with products instead of talent, says McNaughton vice president Jamie McNaughton.

Inspired by his experience rolling out of his mother’s car as a child after monkeying with his seatbelt and car-door Jamie’s brother Patrick McNaughton, Plymouth resident and president of McNaughton, wanted to keep other children safe. His invention, the Buckle Guard Pro, slides over seatbelts, hiding the release button with a child safety cap. “It’s difficult for little Houdinis to undo, but it’s easy for adults,” Jamie says.

John Wicka, a father of five who developed a product with McNaughton, was pushing a stroller, carrying a bag, and holding his daughters hand when inspiration struck. Wicka created a stroller handle extension Easy Stroll, allowing complete control of a stroller with one hand.

About 4,000 products competed; neither McNaughton product made it into the top 10.


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