Plymouth Irish Dancer Dulcie Searle

A Plymouth girl has found her niche in Irish dance.

Dulcie Searle, an accomplished dancer of eight years, got into Irish dance at a very young age. After some experience with tap at just 3 years old, she saw some Irish dance and thought it looked like fun. After Celtic Fire closed, Searle moved on to Rince Nua in Maple Grove. Now she reels, jigs and hornpipes her way across various stages in her ghillies. “At first [I’m] quite nervous, but once I’m up on stage, I feel like I’m on top of the world,” she says.

Searle displays her talents for the good of the community at assisted living homes, St. Patrick’s Day events and local schools. Irish dance has not just been fun—it’s been an important part of Searle’s life. It’s taught her patience, and how to handle and think through different situations not just in dance but across the board of life as well.

Her goal is to qualify for the World Championships in Dublin, Ireland. And practicing six hours and three days a week go to show that Searle’s on the right track.