Joia Drink Recipes

For the seasonal reveler, sparkling spirits—alcoholic and nonalcoholic alike.
Dan Oskey's Dasher Cocktail

Created by local mixologists who are well-versed on what flavors “work” in combination, Joia sparkling sodas were released last June in four flavors that blend fruits, herbs and spices. Developed by Minneapolis-based Boundary Waters Brands LLC, Joia is an all-natural beverage made of sparkling water, fruit juices, flavorings and pure cane sugar, and is free of preservatives, caffeine and sodium.

Mistletoe Sparkler

In a champagne flute, add:

3 oz. chilled Joia blackberry/pomegranate/ginger

3 oz. chilled sparkling wine

2 dashes angostura bitters (optional)



In a rocks glass, over ice, add:

3 oz. Joia lime/hibiscus/clove

2 oz. pear nectar

Garnish: frozen cranberries, mint

—Recipes courtesy of Dan Oskey, Twin Cities-based co-founder of Joia and prolific bartender at The Strip Club in St. Paul.


Joia is available at Lunds in Plymouth, 3455 Vicksburg Ln., 763.268.1624.