Award-winning Photographer Liz Ansley

The overall winner from the 2011 photo contest.

Liz Ansley is proof-positive that you don’t have to be a lifelong photographer to have a knack for it. More than a knack, really, as Ansley was the overall winner in the 2011 Picture Plymouth photo contest with this image, Pylons at Medicine Lake, and she’s only been shooting seriously for two and a half years.

“This image was taken at Medicine Lake in April just after a spring snowfall around 5:30 a.m.,” she says. “I loved the way the reflection of the pylons created the appearance of an arrow pointing into the lake. I am inspired by turning ordinary things into something of beauty through photography.”

Ansley’s lived in Plymouth just less than a year—this time. Prior to moving to Australia in 2008, she’d lived here five years. And since returning she’s taking photography very seriously, working from home on photographic fine art portraits, landscapes and still life.

Her secret spot? “I love the farms in the northwest part of Plymouth,” she says. “They are close but give the appearance of feeling like you are way out in the country.”