Parker’s Lake by Tobi Tombers

A quintessential summertime snapshot.

Tobi Tombers knows what a great summer day looks like. Just check out her first-place award-winning image, Summer at Parker’s Lake.

“I’ve had an interest in photography for about 10 years, but I really started playing with shots when my son was born” two years ago, Tombers says. As the name suggests, the photo was taken last August after a fun morning at the Parker’s Lake beach.

Tombers moved to Plymouth seven years ago with her husband, Bill, who was born and raised in town; now son Billy and yellow lab Rosie round out the family. “I love catching my son discovering new things,” she says. “He’s a very curious and independent little guy, so he offers me a lot of opportunity. I don’t claim to be a highly skilled photographer, but I am mostly inspired by the people around me.”

To Tombers, living in Plymouth means having an accessible locale to call home: “We’re very lucky to have so many activities and programs, and sometimes I think we take it for granted,” she says, adding she’d be excited to see more “mom and pop-type” restaurants and shops in town.