Liz Ansley's Award-winning Photography

How an extended trip to Australia has transferred into award-winning photo art.
Cooling off at Parkers Lake took first-place in the Peoples category of last year's Picture Plymouth photo contest.

When you move from Plymouth to Australia for three years, why not learn a new craft while you’re away, then bring it home to regularly place in your favorite city’s annual photo contest?

That’s essentially Liz Ansley’s story; a Plymouth resident from 2003 to 2008, and again since 2011, Ansley moved with her husband Chris and daughters Chaeli, Georgia and Niamh to Australia, where she learned and practiced photography.

Take a look at any of her contest entries, and it’s clear she’s got a talent for this. So it’s not entirely surprising her full-time “gig” is creating book-cover photography for novels worldwide.

This particular image was shot in June 2011 at Parker’s Lake—the product of a senior portrait session for a family friend who wanted to do something “really fun and unique with it,” Ansley says. “I love how diverse Plymouth is for photography—lots of parks and lakes to choose from.”

Liz Ansley’s secret spot: “My favorite spot to shoot is actually the area around Plymouth Amphitheater.  It is usually not full of people, but there are a lot of great features and backgrounds to be found there.” Be sure to enter this year’s Picture Plymouth contest; entries are accepted just this month at