Picture Plymouth Photo Contest Image for February

Elizabeth Senne captured a special moment between her daughters.
Senne sisters snuggle up.

On New Year’s Day last year, Elizabeth Senne and her two daughters sat outside taking in the pleasant, snowy January weather in their front yard. The Plymouth resident had her camera with her and captured a rare moment between the sisters.

“At that moment, it was all kinds of sisterly love,” Senne says. “That’s different than most of the time they’re together, so to capture that at a second was kind of a nice opportunity.” 

Senne, who was born in Plymouth and moved back in 2004, shot the photo with her Nikon DSLR D5000. An interest in photography has been with her for quite some time, but she became increasingly involved with it as her and her husband Paul started traveling more. 

“My interest in photography gradually increased—more so as we continued to travel,” she says. “And then, as we had kids, it kind of started booming.” 

For the mother of two, the best part about photography is the way it allows her to decorate her home and share special memories with her family. Senne has a blog that gives her the opportunity to inform her loved ones of what she’s doing as well as preserve those moments for herself.

“I kind of like to litter my house with photos,” Senne says. “And it’s kind of nice to be able to share that with family. [Digital photography] is a good way for us to capture those moments and to be able to hold onto them.”