Luann Weiss Photo

Luann Weiss’s tale of a blustery day on Brockton Lane
Lu Ann Weiss's photo Fall Flurries was an unofficial winner in the 2011 Picture Plymouth photo contest.

Behold, the advice of an award-winner: “It isn’t necessarily the spot, but the angle, type of lens or time of day that makes any subject special,” says Lu Ann Weiss, local photographer and unofficial honorable mention in the 2011 Picture Plymouth photo contest. “Whether you have to cram yourself into a corner above a bathtub or wait outside at night being eaten by mosquitoes, you will be rewarded with a shot that stands out from the crowd.” 

For this beauty, Fall Flurries, it meant an hour on a cold autumn Brockton Lane when it was closed for reconstruction between the Weisses’ elementary school and home. “I got in the habit of taking varied routes back and forth through residential areas,” she recalls. One day in 2010 I went by way of Brockton Lane by Holy Name. I had no plans of taking photos that day, but happened to have my camera in the trunk. When I turned the corner, the leaves were flowing down like snow from a line of trees. They had just decided to drop all at one time, and the wind decided to help out. I took photos for one hour until all the trees were nearly bare. That is called sheer luck.” 


Paul, Claire, Lydia and Lu Ann Weiss moved to Plymouth for four years ago. For her “day job,” Luann is a freelance graphic designer, web designer and photographer. Her last photo in Plymouth Magazine [May 2011] spurred more photography work, she says, and “I have also had the opportunity to take photos of stunning interior designs by Integrity Interior Design.”