Photo Contest 2011 Results

Plus Ross Allanson’s award-winning photo from 2010.
Ross Allanson's A Winter Walk earned third place in the city's Picture Plymouth photo contest this past year.

This past September, the city of Plymouth and staff at Plymouth Magazine congregated a jury of artistic minds to select the winners in what’s becoming an annual photo contest, and this month we’re publicizing the results. In addition to selecting up to three winners in five different categories, the magazine also polled its readers, as photos received online votes through September 30 for the second-ever Readers’ Choice award. Here are the results:

Best Overall

Pylons at Medicine Lake by Liz Ansley


First place: Dog Days of Summer by Patricia Dechaine

Second place: Wiley by Michael Biehl

Third place: Running Dog by Kaitlyn Creasey


First place: Night Swinging by Danny Dobrin

Second place: Plymouth Wayzata Baseball by Kirsten Busse

Third place: Sliding on ‘The Frozen Lake’ at Fire and Ice by Heidi J Eitreim


First place: Millennium Garden Falls by Derek Johnson


First place: Cooling off at Parkers Lake by Liz Ansley

Second place: White Dresses and Giggles by Michele Frisch

Third place: Picnic by Susan Dyrud Macdonald


First place: Cardinal Building a Nest by Luann Carlson

Second place: Tree Frog Sittin’ on a Day Lily by Matthew Pastick

Third place: Ducks in a Row by Mary Ruth Manthey