Volunteer with Plymouth’s Adopt-a-Park Program

Save our wetlands.

Cigarette butts, plastic bags and pop cans. What do they have in common? They gathered in your yard and on the sides of the roads for the past few months, for one thing, buried under snow, but now that the melting season is upon us, these littered items are washing into our lakes and have become unwelcome decorations in our parks.

On April 21 the city of Plymouth’s Adopt-a-Park program begins and with it the chance to clean up our environment. “It’s those little things that make the park shine,” says Paul Buck, forester for the city. “If you see a couple of pieces of garbage, it’s not a big deal, but if they’re gone it’s a better deal. It’s that fine tuning that really makes a difference.”

City staff doesn’t supervise volunteers; it’s up to you whether you clean up in the morning or afternoon. Just be sure to contact the city first, as specific clean-up areas will be assigned.

& Volunteers are needed all summer; call 763.509.5230 to get involved.