Plymouth 2012 Year in Review


336 total pages

10,000 copies printed each month

7 communities we serve

219 entries in the Picture Plymouth photo contest

25 Best of Plymouth categories

105 local events published in our calendar

115 area events published in our calendar

9 contributing writers 

9 editorial interns

123 stories written (also have the breakdown of # in each month)

7 covers with people – 2 with men, 5 with women



You loved us…

“How can I get a copy of your magazine? Our favorite stylist Jessica Holman is in the latest issue! The Style Room is phenomenal!” –Peggy Steinmetz Koehler via Facebook


“Just want to say that I saw the online version of the October Plymouth Magazine and it looks great. You and your crew are amazing! Thanks again for allowing me the opportunity to work with you. I had a fantastic time!” –Kris Holtmeyer


You tried us…

“’Real Weddings’ featured … favorite photos from a recent wedding, including a photograph of a bride and groom standing on the railroad tracks in Wayzata. It is illegal and extremely dangerous to be on or near railroad tracks. This is an active track where trains can travel at any time in either direction.” –Amy Mcbeth


Editor’s note: Mcbeth’s feedback and her affiliation with Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) Railroad inspired the story in this issue about BNSF’s Operation Lifesaver program that teaches train safety and awareness.


“Most of the time I love your magazine. However I’m not too happy to see a drink on the front cover of the March issue. For me it just brings back memories of the abuse which alcohol can cause, regardless of the pretty pictures.” –Joy Avery



In 2012, we brought back our popular Best of Plymouth party and handed out our annual readers’ choice awards in front of a live audience. We heard it was a hit—especially the mashed potato bar—so expect to see this event again next year.





Uchu Peruvian Cuisine (Peruvian in Plymouth, March)

Red Rover Pizza (Send Pizza on Over, June)



Axel’s Bonfire

Food we featured:

Soup – January

Sliders – February

Egg dishes – March

Seafood – April

Pastries – May

Steak – June

Spicy food – July

Kid friendly – August

Heart healthy – September

Apples – October

Wraps – November

Hotdish – December

Recipes we ran:

Bagel pizzas (Kids in the Kitchen, January)

Homemade ice cream (Kids in the Kitchen, January)

Cornflake-crusted banana-stuffed French toast (The Perfect Gift, April)

Hash brown brunch casserole (The Perfect Gift, April)

Fresh fruit parfait (The Perfect Gift, April)

Mushroom-poblano frittata (The Perfect Gift, April)

St. Germain gin and tonic (Around Town, October)

Six ways to drink your dessert (Flavorology, March)

A peek into three family-owned and -operated restaurants (The Family That Cooks Together, May)

Wine recommendations for entertaining and gift giving (Swirl, Sniff, Sip, October)

Local catering companies make your holidays stress- and worry-free (It’s Your Party, October)



How to keep kids active during the cold-weather months (5 Tips for Tip-top Shape, January)

Keep your wellness goals this winter (Weight-watchers for After the Holidays, January)

Personalize your wellness plan (Color Your Health, January)

Plymouth-based National Ataxia Foundation takes a crack at neurological disorders (At Bat Against Ataxia, July)

Local volunteers turn Women Run the Cities into a success (Run, Girlfriend!, August)

Greco-Roman wrestling champ R.C. Johnson (Wrestling’s Finest, September)

The [not-so] skinny on overweight backpacks (Backpack Safety, September)

Resources for Baby Boomers and beyond (Better than 55, September)

Health concerns specific to women (Top Docs Talk, September)



Darrell Thompson gives back through Boulder Options (Mentoring Made Great, January)

Jennifer Van Wyk takes the helm of nonprofit Open Arms (Open Arms, Full Stomachs, March)

New D.A.R.E component encourages acts of kindness (Dare to Be Kind, April)

Plymouth’s Home Free gives shelter to battered women (A Haven with Home Free, May)

Helping Paws nonprofit trains and fosters service dogs (Lending a Helping Paw, June)

Restaurant owner Len Muehleisen finds a second home for his heart (Service with a Big Smile, October)



Homeschooling goes beyond the home (Home Is Where the Classroom Is, January)

Minnesota Reading Corps help children excel (Zachary, Meet MRC, August)

A social network-inspired look at this year’s prep elite (Look Who’s Trending Now, August)

A guide to local private school (Educated Decisions, August)

Create your own neighborhood library (Take a Book, Leave a Book, September)

Taking a ride-along with the Plymouth duty crew (Firefighter for a Day, September)



Overcoming the challenges of a kitchen remodel (Kitchen Confidential, February)

Six things to know before beginning your own remodel (Tips of the Trade, March)

Ryan Prosser makes a name for himself with a national audience (The Bath Crasher, March)

Host the ultimate Mother’s Day brunch (The Perfect Gift, April)

Swap out grass for a more manageable yard (A Less-lawn Movement, May)

Plymouth’s own Disturbia in Suburbia (Haunted Attraction, September)



The local skateboard, longboard and snowboard shop (Carving Up Creativity, February)

Hair care pros to get into your rotation right now (6 Stylists to Know, February)

Unique ways to get out and about around town (13 Ways to Paint the Town in Plymouth, May)

Find the right boarding facility for your pooch (Doggie Stay-cation, June)

Get a jump-start on school shopping (Back-to-School Shopping Preview, June)



A 140-acre farm that thrived for decades (Trittelwitz Revisited, February)

The Jacobson family’s historic farm (Close to the Heart, June)

History behind one of the city’s oldest buildings (Tales from Old Town Hall, October)



Take feng shui outside and into your garden (Natural Attraction, April)

Three tour-worthy local gardens (Secret Gardens, April)

How Plymouth is keeping up with the biking movement (Yoga on Two Wheels, May)

Trends and tips for a memorable outdoor space (Outdoor Living, July)



Plymouth Playhouse has been putting on the hits for decades (Theater Then and Now, April)

Art teacher Andy Juelich works in an array of mediums (The Artist, August)

Caitlin Ellsworth wins a national fashion competition for teens (Fashion Forward, September)

Three professional artists create unique results (Unconventional Creativity, October)