Plymouth’s Exercise Personalities

Kick off 2012 with an exercise plan that (really!) works for you.

You’re another year older with another New Year’s resolution to hit the gym. Instead of attending the same class or applying that familiar routine that you deserted last year, why not find exercises that fit you and your schedule—to be more specific, your individualized fitness profile? According to fitness instructor Polly Caprio of Plymouth Creek Athletic Club, “The most successful approach to exercise is when people find an exercise that they enjoy and approach it with moderation—eventually it will build into habit. You know you’ve found success when exercise becomes natural and routine, like brushing your teeth.”

According to Suzanne Brue, author of 8 Colors of Fitness, “Identifying your exercise personality can enable you to live a more active life.” Brue developed the first exercise personality system based off the principles of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Use the chart below based on her book to find your shade. Go with your first answer, or choose what you naturally prefer at least 51 percent of the time:


I consider myself to be goal-oriented.

A: No way.

B: Definitely.


When it comes to planning, I ...

A: love mapping my workouts.

B: loathe or seldom plan workouts—I just go with the flow.


Workout style: scheduled vs. spontaneous?

A: Scheduled.

B: Spontaneous.


My perfect exercise environment is …

A: just me and my thoughts—calm and tranquil.

B: filled with people and charged with energy.


The most motivating exercise setting is …

A: a natural setting—mountains, trees, water.

B: a space for  reflection and creativity.

C: clean and organized.


During exercise, I prefer to ...

A: keep to myself and remained focus.

B: mix in some socializing, but only if it fits with my exercise.

C: keep to myself, zoning out and reconnecting my thoughts.

D: partake in friendly competition.

E: talk only with likeminded people.


I enjoy going to a gym where “everybody knows your name.”

A: I love it—it provides that small-town feel.

B: NO—I’d rather be Waldo, immersed in a mass of look-alikes.


If I had to choose between running or dancing, hands down I’d always pick …

A: dancing.

B: running.


I’m usually at fault for ... 

A: becoming distracted.

B: being a distraction—I can turn anything into fun.


Your True Colors: Revealed



Defined by a love for navigating nature

M.O.: independent, adventurous, outdoorsy

Exercise Rx: Greens love anything and everything that is outdoors. Try snowshoeing, hiking or cross-country skiing through French Regional Park, or indoor rock-climbing at Life Time Fitness. In the summer, escape on a mountain or road bike or foot to Three Rivers Park District, and kayak or windsurf on one of our state’s 10,000 lakes.



Characterized by their intuitive, reflective and creative natures

Motivation Rx: Seek relax and calmed spaces with minimal people so you can zone out. Seek workouts that require minimal or no verbal instruction.

Exercise Rx: Whites work best in calm environments—inside or outside. Warm up in cooler months with Hot Yoga or de-stress with Restorative Yoga or Vinyasa (flow) at YogaStudio, cardio. In warmer months, rejuvenate your senses with outdoors with hiking, running or outdoor yoga at Plymouth Creek Athletic Club.



Loyal, dependable, straightforward, committed, conscientious

M.O.: Workout best in familiar, organized and clean environments where they can modestly track their progress. With their goal-oriented fitness pursuits, Blues highly value a health professional’s advice, and understanding proper technique and form.

Exercise Rx: Start off 2012 with interval training at Discover Strength to maximize future workouts in minimal time. Year-round, check out Pigs Fly Yoga at YogaStudio, Bosu/Core at Plymouth Creek Athletic Club, or Step-Interval at Life Time Fitness. Running, walking or any other endurance activity will fill your exercise log and list of accomplishments.



Known for being traditional and conservative planners

M.O.: Excel in exercise with clear and specific goals but fall easily to distractions. Golds value a health professional’s directions and will likely be set for success with their help.

Exercise Rx: Swim laps at Plymouth Creek Athletic Club or Life Time Fitness. Consult top-rated personal trainers at Discover Strength for clear, step-by-step condensed workouts. Bosu/Core and tennis or racquetball at Plymouth Creek Athletic Club will engage your mind without minimizing your workout.



Defined by their outgoing extroverted nature; always have a plan

M.O.: Find exercise harmony in uncomplicated routines that involve repetitious movements. Purples are often goal-oriented and avoid plateauing their fitness success with a health professional’s help.

Exercise Rx: Weight train with a personal trainer or kick in cardio with treadmills, cardio machines and lap pools at Plymouth Creek Athletic Club or Lifetime Fitness.



Highlighted by their energetic, fast pace, and sociable demeanors 

M.O.: Extroverted Reds excel in games that require spurges of energy with a mix of friendly competition—just don’t forget to pack the gear.

Exercise Rx: Pickup games of basketball, racquetball or tennis league at Plymouth Creek Athletic Club or Life Time Fitness start a hockey game at a local rink. When the frost thaws, exchange yours skates for a mountain bike or running shoes for an adventurous ride through French Regional Park. Afterward, start pickup games of Frisbee, soccer or football.



Characterized by their intuitive yet introspective nature that seeks truth

M.O.: Energized by spontaneous workouts and environments with good music and distractions 

Exercise Rx: This winter, warm up with YogaStudio’s hot yoga or vinyasa yoga. Let loose with Zumba or studio cycle at Life Time Fitness. Check out yoga at Plymouth Creek Athletic Club.



Trademarked by novel experiences

M.O.: Silvers seek new or simple workouts and fun music that keeps them constantly moving to avoid distractions

Exercise Rx: Check out Tai Chi-Chi at Plymouth Creek Athletic Club or studio cycle or Zumba at Life Time Fitness. De-stress with restorative yoga or Yin Yoga (minimal talking!) at YogaStudio. During snowy months, cross-country ski through French Regional Park. In warmer temps, join Life Time Fitness’s running group or bike on your own.



Plymouth Fitness Facilities

Plymouth Creek Athletic Club

3131 Campus Dr.


Plymouth Creek Athletic Club offers something for every fitness aficionado, from cardio machines to tennis/racquet/basketball courts to fitness classes. Club manager Nick Miller says, “You’d be amazed at the different crowds of people and how they incorporate fitness and wellness into their lives.” Look for special New Year’s promotions and a 12-week weight-loss challenge starting February.     


Life Time Fitness

3600 Plymouth Blvd.


Life Time Fitness offers a wide selection of cardio and weight machines, as well as free weights. The class schedules offer something for everyone, from water-fitness training to cycling to rock climbing.



3900 Vinewood Ln. N. Ste. 11


YogaStudio provides classes for beginners and experts, ranging from light stretching to more intense yoga flows and hot yoga (perfect to warm up these Minnesota winters). Owner and instructor Mary Anderson encourages all to discover the many benefits of yoga, “it’s one more step to feeling great in every way—body, mind and spirit.”


Discover Strength

10100 6th Ave N.


Discover Strength takes a scientific approach to fitness, providing clients one-on-one or small-group training sessions. Using products found mainly at rehab clinics, Discover Strength offers the most advanced technologies like MedX and bod pod.  According to CEO Luke Carlson, “We don’t want to see someone more than once or twice a week, because our workouts are very intense and short—very convenient for a busy person’s life.”


Snap Fitness

1400 County Rd. 101


Snap Fitness features fast, convenient and affordable fitness in a clean and comfortable environment.  Open 24 hours every day, Snap offers a variety of cardio machines and free weights.