Plymouth Salon and Spa Treatments Combat Common Ailments

Local remedies for all your beauty mishaps and body ailments.
Facial treatment

We’ve all had our fair share of beauty casualties and body ailments. Whether it’s stepping outside with wet hair in the cold winter months, only to find your locks frozen into icicles, or feeling the pain of a sore elbow after too much time spent practicing your backhand on the tennis court, we’ve all been there. But worry no more. Thanks to the help of some local spa and beauty experts, you can kick your wellness woes to the curb—and treat yourself to a little pampering while you’re at it.


1.      OLD WIVES TALE: A bar of soap in the bed prevents nighttime leg cramps

         REMEDY: Massage

Goodbye leg cramps and hello relaxation. It’s time to ditch the bar of soap and treat yourself to stress-relieving massage. You can’t go wrong with any of the massages from New Reflections Salon. Create your own custom massage to include deep tissue, lymphatic or reflexology therapies. Custom massages can run anywhere from 50 minutes ($50 and up) to 100 minutes ($100 and up). The elemental nature massage uses your favorite Aveda aromas to enhance the massage experience while therapists use a variety of techniques to reduce muscle tension and soreness ($50 and up for 50 minutes). Or try the chakra balancing massage, which uses deep tissue massage, foot reflexology and energy work along with a guided meditation to help balance your energy ($50 and up for 50 minutes). Available at New Reflections Salon, 3530 Vicksburg Ln., Ste. 400; 763.559.3185;


2.      OLD WIVES TALE: Walking in bare feet will give you worms

          REMEDY: Pedicure

After walking in bare feet, never underestimate the power of a pedicure. Just because they’re covered in heavy wool socks and fur-lined boots all winter doesn’t mean they don’t deserve some TLC, too. Simonson’s Salon & Spa has a pedicure for your every need. For those in a hurry, the 30-minute express pedicure, which includes a foot soak, nail shaping, light massage and a polish change, is the way to go (starts at $30). But if you really want to pamper your feet, the hot stone pedicure is where it’s at with 75 minutes of pure bliss, which includes a foot soak, exfoliating scrub, a clay mask with warm towels, a luxurious foot and leg massage using hot stones, and a polish change ($70). However, education and sales director Marilyn Aase’s favorite is the Shellac pedicure. “It’s perfect for winter months due to the no-dry time,” she says. This one-hour service includes a hydrating pedicure along with the perfect Shellac color (starts at $85). Available at Simonson’s Salon & Spa, 4315 Peony Ln.; 763.550.1121;


3.      OLD WIVES TALE: Reduce skin blemishes by placing honey on the blemish and covering with a bandage overnight

         REMEDY: Facial treatment

We all know winter weather can be rough on the skin. But instead of covering your face with a sticky layer of honey and plastering it with bandages, Plymouth’s New Reflections Salon has the perfect solution to combat those unwanted blemishes. Guests can choose from a variety of facial treatments, each designed to refresh and renew the skin with signature Aveda formulas. After a quick skin consultation, the elemental nature facial focuses on your skin’s specific needs—whether dry, sensitive, oily or in between ($50 and up for 50 minutes). Or the enbrightenment discoloration treatment facial uses traditional Asian massage techniques and a natural brightening blend to help get rid of blemishes and improve skin clarity ($50 and up for 50 minutes). Available at New Reflections Salon.


4.      OLD WIVES TALE: If you go outside with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold

          REMEDY: Blowout

Don’t risk catching a pesky cold—or living with a bad hair day, for that matter. The Style Room will have you looking like a runway model in no time with their blowout and style service ($25). In just 30 minutes, you’ll be looking and feeling your best with the help of one of The Style Room’s eight talented stylists. “We have a really fun atmosphere,” says owner Jessica Homan. “Everyone feels like they are hanging out with their girlfriends while they’re here.” To keep your style fresh all day long, Homan recommends using styling products from Create It, located in Hamel. “They have great volumizing products for getting that full blown-out look,” she adds. Preparing for a night on the town? The Style Room also offers an express makeup application that includes lashes with the blowout service for $75. The Style Room, 16725 County Rd. 24, Ste. 105; 763.231.0877;


5.      AILMENT: Jet lag

         REMEDY: Mystic Tan

We all know what it’s like to travel: getting up early, seemingly endless lines at the airport, uncomfortably turbulent flights and the list goes on. So if jet lag gets in the way of you soaking up the rays on your winter vacation, Christopher J. Salon’s Mystic Tan is a great way to sport an authentic sun-kissed look without the UV exposure. Instead of lying by the pool for hours, you can hop in the salon’s spray-on tan booth and choose between four different colors ($23–$27). “The tan will last for about a week depending on the enhancers,” says salon coordinator Natasha Kovar. You can also buy four tans and get the fifth for free, or purchase a monthly package for $45.95 to keep that beautiful glow all winter long. Christopher J. Salon, 2700 Annapolis Cir., Ste. F; 763.404.8606;


6.      AILMENT: Joint soreness

         REMEDY: Hot stone therapy

After a while, aches and pains start to take a toll on the body, but don’t let them get the best of you. The hot stone therapy massage at Simonson’s Salon & Spa might be just what you need to combat those trouble spots and relieve some of the pain. As the name suggests, hot stone therapy is performed with heated, tumbled basalt stones that are laid along the spine, shoulders and neck. This process helps release endorphins (the body’s natural painkillers), improve arthritic conditions, and decrease aches and pains in the joints. Each stroke of the stone helps to reach deeper into the muscle tissue, allowing the therapist to work more effectively through the tension-filled areas of the body. The hot stone treatment is available as an 80-minute service by itself ($100) or as an add-on to a full body massage ($20 plus price of massage). Available at Simonson’s Salon & Spa.


7.      AILMENT: Weight gain

         REMEDY: Body wrap

Let’s face it—indulging over the holidays on sweet treats and eggnog is a must. (There’s no judgment here.) But if you find yourself wanting to cleanse your body and start the year off fresh and rejuvenated, we recommend a detoxifying body wrap. There may be a variety of choices when it comes to body wraps, but they all have one thing in common: relaxation. The 90-minute purifying wrap at Simonson’s Salon & Spa uses formulas that help reverses the cellulite formation cycle and noticeably decreases cellulite when done in a series. Some people will experience weight loss in inches and smoother, suppler skin (starts at $80). You can also purchase the body wrap service in a series of six ($430). Available at Simonson’s Salon & Spa.

New Reflections Salon offers the rosemary mint awakening body wrap for smooth, soft skin and awakened senses. This much-loved spa service helps renew the body and mind with a revitalizing dry body wrap that cools and stimulates with essences of rosemary and peppermint ($75 for 60 minutes). Available at New Reflections Salon.