Delicious Apple Dishes in the Plymouth Area

Fall’s favorite fruit takes a starring role in these 10 local delights
Start you morning on a high note with Truffles and Tortes' caramel apple tart.

The first apple brought about original sin; another one launched the Trojan War. In the here and now, apples are a benevolent fruit with a wholesome reputation: fit to give a favorite teacher or to insure against doctor’s appointments. Apples are also full of fiber and vitamin C—not to mention utterly delicious. Pun intended.

Plymouth Farmers’ Market

Minnesota has a special relationship with apples, being that the agriculture department at our state’s university is responsible for the development of some of the most popular strains, including the aptly named Honeycrisp, prized for its sweet-tart crunch. Are you suddenly hankering for one? Hurry over to catch the last few weeks of the Plymouth Farmers’ Market and stop by the Thompson Hillcrest Orchard stand. They’ve got your divine Honeycrisps, as well as Zestar, Sweetango and another Minnesota cultivar, the Haralson. Prices vary; cash only. Through October 10 from 2:30 to 6:30 p.m. All vendors are local and are from within 50 miles of Plymouth.  Plymouth Ice Arena Parking Lot, 3600 Plymouth Blvd; 763.509.5225

Truffles and Tortes

This sweet little bakery always surprises with the perfect seasonal treat, and in the autumn, we’re blessed with their delectable caramel apple tarts. Caramel and apples are another classic combo, and these five-inch tarts are the perfect showcase, especially given the sturdy, hand-rolled short dough crust. Sit and savor these—they’re not to be wasted on trick-or-treaters! 5-inch tart, $4.95; 10-inch tart, $32.95. 72 Nathan Ln. N.; 763.512.0944

Doolittle’s Woodfire Grill

Whoever first thought to pair pork and apples deserves a medal. Doolittle’s adds a spicy twist to the classic combo with a vividly spiced house-made apple chutney. It’s sweet, tart and intriguingly complex, with notes of raisins, cranberries, ginger, onion and a touch of cinnamon. The workhorse of cooking apples—granny smith—maintain a toothsome texture, and the chutney almost upstages for the smoky, hefty grilled pork chop. A side of buttered mashers arrives on a separate plate, perhaps to respect the divine communion of pork and apple. $16.95. 550 Winnetka Ave. N., Golden Valley; 763.542.1931

Big Bowl

You must—no ifs, ands or buts—taste this warm honey-apple crisp, made from Minnesotan Honeycrisp apples and organic honey from Big Bowl’s farm in La Fox, Ill. Golden, saucy apple slices are crowned with a cinnamon-rich crumble and honey-kissed whipped cream in just the right ratio of fruit, crunch and cream. The apples are, of course, sourced from a nearby farmers’ market. Dare we say it: It rivals our grandmother’s recipe. It’s only available seasonally, so don’t dawdle! $4.95. 12649 Wayzata Blvd., Minnetonka; 952.797.9888

Original Pancake House

The apple pancake at the Original Pancake House is justifiably famous for its monstrous size that’s hard to take down in one sitting. The puffy baked pancake is topped with caramelized granny smith slices oozing butter, sugar and cinnamon. The tender pancake is light, eggy and touched with nutmeg, mediated by an interior which is custardy and delicate. It’s worth the trek—just allow a few hours to digest. $10.75; with whipped cream or Häagen-Dazs ice cream, $1.50 additional. 6322 Vinewood Ln. N., Maple Grove; 763.383.0888

Caribou Coffee

We’re proud of our homegrown answer to that other chain, and every Caribou Coffee outlet is cozy and welcoming. Caribou-specific seasonal treats like the Apple Blast are downright heavenly: a knee-weakening mélange of hot cider, caramel and cinnamon, crowned by drifts of whipped cream. This has to be the most delightful way to warm up on a blustery day. Medium, $4.29. 3455 Vicksburg Ln.; 763.383.8770

Von Hanson’s Meats

Von Hanson’s really gets into the brat thing, making seasonal varieties of all stripe. When fall rolls around, Von Hanson’s talented sausage makers take advantage of the abundance of seasonal ingredients—which means, it’s time to churn out some apple bratwursts. The apple brats are just like a regular brat—made from pork with mysterious “brat seasoning.” Apple concentrate and chunks of apple make for a lightly sweet, oh-so-autumnal flavor. Easy to grill or boil. $5.99/lb. 3375 Plymouth Blvd. #240; 763.557.8040

Famous Dave’s

This pile of tastiness is unfairly relegated to the “sides” section of Famous Dave’s menu, where they are likely to pass unnoticed. Do yourselves a kindness and get a pint to go to inspire a meal at home. Saucy, warm and doused with amaretto, these lightly sweet, slightly crunchy slices make a mighty complement to grilled meats—especially pork. Our imaginations naturally ran to the decadent:  a pint of ice cream would be another killer accompaniment. $3.99. 11308 Minnesota 55; 763.525.0500

Kobe Restaurant

An appletini might sound kinda cute, but beware: these pretty libations pack a punch. They don’t even taste like alcohol, which is always a danger sign! Kobe’s appletini tastes like a pure shot of high-quality, concentrated apple juice. The ingredients include vodka and apple schnapps with a maraschino cherry for visual flair. The bar is a lovely place to lounge and sip while colorful carps mobiles spin overhead.  Happy hour 4–6 p.m. and after 9 p.m. Sun.–Thu. with all martinis $3.50. Otherwise $5.50. 15555 34th Ave. N; 763.559.9999


Haralson apples are another successful University of Minnesota incarnation: sweet fleshed, thin-skinned and tart like a McIntosh—really, an excellent baking apple. Lunds uses them to their best advantage in their Haralson apple pie, which is stuffed with saucy golden apple slices and a dash of cinnamon. The crust is flaky, as it should be, and you can get it by the slice, half pie or a whole. Err on the side of more, as this pie makes a righteous breakfast. Slice, $3.49. 3455 Vicksburg Ln.; 763.268.1624