Kid-friendly Restaurants in Plymouth

Sane solutions for dining out with the kids.

Does the mere thought of dining out with the kids put you on edge? Do you imagine dirty looks being cast your way as your toddler starts to shriek with hunger pangs or your infant tosses a trail of food scraps under the table? It’s not just our fears about disturbing other diners that keep us away, but we all know our little foodies-in-training can be finicky. Who wants to throw money down the drain, because your little one has taken one bite and decided he’s finished? If you find yourself relating to this, you’re not alone. The number of restaurants in Plymouth catering to families makes it clear—everybody wants a headache-free meal out with the kids once in a while. Here’s a list of places that’ll have you saying, “Bring on the crayons!”


Wisconsin Mac & Cheese

Noodles & Company

Noodles & Company is all about feeding the tastes of the whole family, with salads, sandwiches, soups and pasta. The company doesn’t want to limit a kid’s thinking on dinner options, so it doesn’t offer a kids’ menu, yet the menu is beyond family-friendly. All noodle dishes can be ordered in a small portion for $4.50, which is the recommended size for young ones. The mac and cheese is far and away the most popular item (even the moms and dads love it), made with real cream, real butter, and cheddar and jack cheeses. If you’ve got a kid that actually does eat his broccoli or carrots, you can throw a veggie into the mix as well. Other popular options at the counter-service chain include buttered noodles with Parmesan and spaghetti with meatballs. For more adventurous little palates, try the pesto cavatappi or Japanese pan noodles (beginner chopsticks included). Some other things you’ll love about Noodles & Company: The food is served on real plates with real cutlery and delivered to your table, and there’s plenty of swag for kids. 3425 Vicksburg Ln. N.; 763.559.4336

Hot Dog

Uncle Franky’s

Every kid loves a hot dog, and not only does Uncle Franky’s have them, but it has a bright, colorful environment that children love, too. The kids’ meal includes your child’s choice of hot dog, corn dog or grilled cheese, with French fries and a soda ($3.75). Every other Saturday is family picture day, where you can have a family photo taken and printed for free during the afternoon hours. The locally owned shop also sells fountain drinks like malts, shakes and phosphates, and offers kiddie loot like crayons, coloring books or tattoos. Little-known fact: When you’re out and about running errands, you can find those addictive all-beef Vienna dogs at the Uncle Franky’s cart in Home Depot. 10160 6th Ave. N.; 763.746.3643


Smoked Turkey Sandwich


Dickey’s is the newest game in town when it comes to barbecue, and one of the many hooks for families is that kids eat free on Sundays. The smoked turkey sandwich for kids ($3.99) includes one side, and is most commonly paired with the macaroni and cheese. There’s also free ice cream every day, which is sure to motivate your fine fellow or little lady to put down a few bites of that sandwich or barbecue. For no-fuss meals at home or some holiday weekend grub, consider picking up the Family Pack ($31.99), which feeds four to six people and includes a pound of polish sausage with your choice of beef brisket or pulled pork and three one-pint sides, like creamy coleslaw, original potato salad and barbecue beans. 3195 Vicksburg Ln.; 763.746.0029


Grilled Chicken Taco

Pineda Tacos

Mexican-inspired chains are easy enough to come by, but why not try something a little more heartfelt and homespun the next time you’re in the mood for a taco? Pineda Tacos is family-owned, with simple, friendly counter service, and you definitely won’t be the only customer with kids. The store does offer a kids’ meal of rice, beans and a quesadilla for $2.99, but owner Oscar Pinella says most kids end up with a grilled chicken taco ($2.15) and a small juice. 60 Nathan Ln. N.; 763.545.1977


Lo Mein

Tea House

If your little ones like spaghetti noodles, it won’t take much convincing for them to try the lo mein at Tea House, with noodles that are similar in texture, made with your choice of chicken, beef, barbecue pork, shrimp, vegetables or a house combo ($7.95). Children also love to scarf down the cream cheese wontons, sweet and sour chicken, and fried rice, says assistant manager Andrew Abercrombie. All dishes are served family-style, so the restaurant doesn’t offer a kids’ menu, but there are crayons for kids in a family-friendly setting where you needn’t feel self-conscious about the occasional outburst from your little one. 88 Nathan Ln.; 763.544.3422


Rainbow Cakes


Pancakes for dinner will brighten any child’s mood, especially if they’re covered with sprinkles and whipped cream like the Rainbow Cakes. Got an animal-lover in your midst? Try the Bear Cakes, cut to look like a bear’s face and served with chocolate chips (both priced at $3.79). Every day is family-friendly at Perkins, but Tuesdays and Saturdays are the hottest ticket for families, with free kids’ meals, face painting and balloons. 2945 Empire Ln. N.; 763.559.0270


Rad Burger

Red Robin

The casual atmosphere and kid-inspired perks at Red Robin make it a mainstay for families that want to dine out. There’s a kids’ menu with crayons and healthy side options to go with the kids’ meals, like apples, oranges, broccoli or carrots. The Rad Burger, which can be made with beef, turkey, chicken or a Boca burger, is all the rage ($4.59), and comes with juice, soda or milk in addition to a side. Beverages like smoothies, root beer floats and creamy milkshakes also come in kids’ sizes, and Tuesday is kids’ night, with free sundaes. There’s even a kids’ section on the website that offers games and recipes. 2669 Campus Dr.; 763.559.7576


Chicken Fingers


Kids’ meals at Applebee’s will satisfy even the fussiest of tots, with chicken fingers or mini-burgers that come with a choice of fries, applesauce, mashed potatoes, celery or broccoli, and a juice, milk or soda ($4.69). The kids’ menu includes a family activity book. 3500 Vicksburg Ln. Ste. 100; 763.553.1776