Plymouth Restaurant Holiday Drink Guide

Holiday cocktails to heighten any festivity.
Green Mill's candy cane martini

It’s that time. Happy hours with friends, lunches with coworkers and gatherings with family have got the December calendar teeming with engagements. Add to that last-minute gift-buying trips to the mall and forced conversations with an obnoxious uncle, and it starts to feel downright frenzied. For these times, we have a collection of holiday cocktails that should have you sitting back and relaxing in no time.

Spiced Cider

Jake’s City Grille

The bartenders are happy to stir up some cheerful winter beverages at Jake’s City Grille. The spiced cider ($7), made with Grand Marnier, Goldschlager and hot apple cider is a drink that everyone will love once that winter chill hits the air, along with the autumn harvest ($7), a drink made with Chambord, Frangelico, Bailey’s and hot cocoa, and the fireside ($7), is Kahlua, Bailey’s, dark crème de cacao and coffee. Each of these winter favorites is served in a footed glass mug. The holidays are a festive time at Jake’s, says general manager, Alisha Heath, with a private party room that often gets booked for work parties, not to mention the annual gift-card promotion. 3005 Harbor Ln. N.; 763.559.1595

Chocolate Martini


At Kobe, you’ll find all the necessary elements for a successful happy hour: an exotic list of specialty cocktails, the hustle and bustle of a hibachi grill and great values on sushi rolls. In the drinks department, try the chocolate martini ($10.50), made with Absolut vodka, chocolate liqueur and Bailey’s all mixed up and served in a martini glass garnished with chocolate savings. If you’re feeling like something a bit more on the fruity side, go with the trusty cosmopolitan ($9), which at Kobe is made with Opulent vodka, Grand Marnier and cranberry juice, garnished with a festive lime and cherry. The Japanese green imparts a tropical flair, with rum, Midori, coconut and pineapple juice, and it’s on special during happy hour for just $3.50 (regularly $5.50). Happy hour runs from 4 to 6 p.m. and 9 p.m. to close Sunday through Thursday. 15555 34th Ave. N.; 763.559.9999

Whiskey Old Fashioned

Cowboy Jack’s

Whiskey sales creep up as the weather turns cold at Cowboy Jack’s, and a classic whiskey old fashioned ($6) is one of the popular drinks, with muddled cherries and oranges and a splash of bitters in the bottom of a rocks glass, which is then filled with ice, whiskey and a splash of soda water. Director of marketing Jesi Mosny likes hers with Red Stag, a black cherry-infused whiskey from Jim Beam. Fall and winter are prime seasons for parties at Cowboy Jack’s, with comfort foods that fit the mood, including pot pie, meat loaf and beef stew. Look for a new martini menu that was slated to come out in November. 4120 Berkshire Ln. N.; 763.559.0257

Red Apple Sangria


The beautiful crimson color of the red apple sangria ($6.75) at Applebee’s just feels right for this time of year. Made with red wine, red apple liqueur, and pineapple and cranberry juices, and topped with lemon lime soda, this drink is festive and seasonally appropriate. The chocolate raspberry forest ($6.25), made with Chambord, Absolut vodka, crème de cacao, hot chocolate and whipped cream, will hit the spot if you’re in the mood for a warm drink. The restaurant also comes out with a list of spiked coffee drinks every year. 3500 Vicksburg Ln. Ste. 100; 763.553.1776

Chip Shot

Green Mill

Why not pass on dessert at Green Mill and order the chip shot ($5.25) instead? The sweet treat is made with Bailey’s and a splash of Tuacha in coffee, then topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips. The candy cane martini ($6.25) is bound to bring out your holiday spirit, made with peppermint schnapps, your choice of flavored vodka and a splash of light crème de cacao, served in a martini glass with crushed candy canes on the rim. 2705 Annapolis Ln.; 763.553.9000

Bonfire Doli

Axel’s Bonfire

New this year at Axel’s Bonfire, the bonfire doli ($9) is a deliciously simple drink that’s made with pineapple-infused Svedka vodka, shaken and served with an edible orchid flower. Also, the signature margarita ($6.75) offers an interesting twist, made with Patron silver tequila, Grand Marnier, and house-made sweet and sour mix kissed with a touch of Summit pale ale. Check with the bartender about the drink of the month. 3000 Harbor Ln.; 763.398.7408


Double Captain Coke

Joe Senser’s

Are you more of a straight-up Captain Morgan and Coke kind of drinker? Then you’ll love Joe Senser’s, where the double Captain Coke special sells for just $4, all day, every day. For other deals, plan your company outings around happy hour, which runs from 3 to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday with half-priced pizzas and drink specials. 16605 County Rd. 24 Ste. 210; 763.559.1990