Tiger Athletics in Mexico

Plymouth’s Tiger Athletics goes to Mexico.

If you’ve grown tired of running on the treadmill day after day, founders of and personal trainers at Tiger Athletics, Chris and Stacie Clark, have just the inspiration you need. Twice a year, in November and February, the two along with a few other trainers journey to Akumal, Mexico, to lead a small group through what Chris Clark refers to as “training that’s fun, but focused.”

Using the environment as their playground, the Clarks incorporate a mix of running on the beach, water sports and strength training into their Mexico Cross Fit Adventure. While the two-a-day workouts might sound intimidating, Clark assures “we spend two to three hours training, but the rest is all about relaxation—restoring and replenishing the body.” While this trip isn’t a walk on the beach, literally, it’s a good opportunity for adults and children alike to challenge their athletic ability while having fun.



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