Plymouth’s Food Perspectives

A Plymouth taste test company moonlights as a fundraising organization.

Love trying new food? Want to raise money for your favorite nonprofit? Look no further than Plymouth-based Food Perspectives.

Testing mostly food products for over 20 different companies, Amy Bigot, the marketing manager for Food Perspectives, says these tests give consumers a chance to vocalize their opinion on what’s on grocery-store shelves. Other goods, like beverages and personal or home care items, are also tested.

On average a 45-minute test pays $35. If you opt to donate the maximum $10 to a charity (Food Perspectives has over 500 Twin Cities nonprofits to choose from), you end up with $25 in your pocket. At the end of the month Food Perspectives tallies up donations, and sends a check to each nonprofit.

Of course, since we’re dealing with food, those with food allergies aren’t going to be great candidates unfortunately, but diabetics and those with gluten sensitivity or Celiac disease are welcome to participate and are sometimes sought out specifically. —Katie Rucke


Become a tester: Register online at or call 763.354.2776.