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Hilde Performance Center on a bright sunny day

What you can expect from 2022’s Live at the Hilde: Party in the Park.

A young girl messily eating a s'more

Plymouth Magazine enjoys showcasing the lake community in a number of ways, and that includes sharing readers’ points of view through what they see, appreciate and capture with their cameras.

Plymouth anime artist, Vegalia Jean-Pierre, always longed to see herself, a Black woman, represented in the fantastical realm of literature. What is often considered as a place for individuals to escape from reality didn’t always feel as such for her. 

There can be an unconditional bond when it comes to our pets. For centuries, dogs have been coined “man’s best friend” as the bonds of unfailing love, devotion and loyal companionship deepen with time. When I saw the life with which artist Karin Jacobs captures her original pet commiss

Is it really a Minnesota summer if you don’t pick up a few beach reads? We have curated a list of some must-read books to fill your beach bag with all summer! 

Beach Read by Emily Henry

Larry Paulson: A Plymouth Creek Crossing

“The photo is composed around the strong diagonal formed by the stepping stones. The stones invite the viewer to cross the creek and continue on toward the sunset.

growing flowers in the garden

The trees are starting to bud, and warmer temps are on the horizon. Spring is here, and for those who sport a green thumb, the best time of year has begun.

Whether it’s pairing down the closet or tidying up the playroom, home organizing is a to-do we all have to, well, do. “I just don’t know where to start,” is a sentiment I hear frequently. In these instances, I like to offer up the straightforward HOME:

The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennet

Reading offers catharsis for some of the most difficult situations in life. A well-told story can alleviate our own troubles by offering catharsis through crisis.