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Ky McDonald, Set Me Free

“There’s no place like home,” proclaims Dorothy Gale in The Wizard of Oz. Our homes are the foundation of all of our hopes and dreams while also very real places that exude a warmth created by the people that inhabit the space.

Wintering Canoes - Clifton E. French Regional Park in Plymouth, MN

“After years of taking photos of my family, I started taking scenic photos again during the pandemic when I started exploring all of the wonderful parks here in Plymouth.  We moved from the Chicago area to Plymouth a fe


The popularity of reading for pleasure is taking a dip as it becomes quicker to get entertainment from a screen than a book.

holding book: When Breath Becomes Air

Razorblade Tears
by S. A. Crosby

When you open your closet door, are you excited to pick out an outfit or filled with dread because of the mess? Closets are one of the most crucial places to keep organized in your home, but they’re also one of the quickest to become cluttered due to everyday use.

Day Dream III

We are at the start of a new year and new beginnings, which is also a great time for reflection. Mary Catherine Solberg’s original work, Day Dream III, captures a calm state as the subject goes deep in her thoughts. Meditation is a practice that uses mindfulness to train your aw

Afternoon Skate, Amy Wilcox

Afternoon Skate, which placed second in the People and Families category of our annual Picture Plymouth photo contest, was taken by Amy Wilcox.

writing Christmas wish list to Santa

For the first time, the City of Plymouth is putting on Holiday at the Hilde.

author R.T. Lund

When Plymouth resident Bob Lund graduated from college with a degree in English, he had two choices—enroll in either journalism school or law school. 

holiday thank-you cards

After spending time apart, many people are looking for ways to connect this holiday season that don’t involve a screen. For some, this means picking up a phone, but for others, it involves picking up a pen.