Wayzata High School’s fall 2015 musical, Beauty and the Beast, is being recognized as an outstanding overall performance, among several other awards. Several student actors have also been nominated for their impressive performances in the show.

Every April, the Plymouth Arts Council puts on Primavera. The celebration of art takes place at the Plymouth Creek Center and includes paintings, photographs, sketches, sculptures and more.

In February 2015, we shared the story of Plymouth native Zander Figueroa and his wife, Norell, who were developing their own mobile app called The Band Famous (TBF), which stre

Brandon Nees Daly is a 28-year-old musician and photographer who graduated from Wayzata High School in 2005, attended Mankato State University for three years, then transferred to McNally Smith College of Music for two years, graduating with a bachelor of arts in music business.

If you have ever stumbled across a bunch of folks doing the polka on public access television, you’ve already been introduced to Dan and Yvonne Viehman.

not the vase of water, nor the flowers

held close around its lip. It is the frost

blossoming on your window, the hours

it takes for a candle to weep. What’s lost

is merely daylight. Each star a pinhole

camera capturing what you meant to

A sleeping fox atop a snowy woodpile would be picturesque enough—but after Plymouth resident Nate Loftsgard snapped more than 50 pictures of the scene in his backyard, this particular fox stood, did a few stretches and took the photo to the next level.

Everybody has had the dream of throwing a stack of papers in the air, marching into their boss’s office and yelling, “I quit, fool!” Usually, it’s a dream shared with friends over beers on a Friday night—one that ends in a conversation about opening your own bar with a bad pun for a name.

Playing some of the world’s greatest music as a member of a major symphony orchestra can be an incredibly rewarding career. It’s also a high-stress occupation, one in which perfection in performance—or at very least near perfection—is expected day in and day out.

While Jess Donatelle and her husband, Jake, moved to Plymouth just two years ago, the Norwex consultant already recognizes Plymouth’s unspoken beauty—it’s safe, clean and has lots of green space and trails, she says.