Little Emmett and his dad, Steve, are no strangers to the grueling work of bike riding. Although Steve is more into the triathlon scene, and Emmett into the loop-around-the-park-in-front-of-their-house scene, both appreciate a good bike ride.

Though Sarah Kendall Gow has lived in Plymouth for just more than a year, it didn’t take her long to appreciate all the community has to offer, such as French Regional Park, where she snapped this photo.

Alex Weiss was the most sought-after music arranger in Tel Aviv, Israel, when Adi Yeshaya was a teenager. When it came to creating music, Weiss was the standard everyone looked to, and Yeshaya was no different.

Many factors have contributed to singer-songwriter Alison Scott’s choice of career. Supportive parents, who both majored in music, is one. “Until I told them to take a night off, they were at every one of my shows,” she says.

Minneapolis visual artist Julian McFaul is bringing his popular Castle Adventure Camp to French Regional Park next month.

Heidi Eitreim was heading out the back door of her home when this breath-taking scene caught her eye.

There’s a fascination with wildlife and insects we sometimes have, and for many there’s a very real fear. Both feelings spring from our inability to communicate with them; how do you tell a squirrel you come in peace, anyway? There’ll always be a division between us and the wild.

This playful little boy is a winner in his mommy’s eyes—and our Picture Plymouth photo contest.

MaryBeth Lawton and Sandy Ross met in a papermaking class at Minnetonka Center for the Arts in the mid-1990s.

NCAA March Madness is here. While watching these athletes compete at such a high level, it’s easy to forget that they were all once kids with big dreams playing pick-up ball at the park.