The Best Places to Enjoy Summer in Plymouth

Here are some old standbys, new additions and hidden gems in Plymouth for kids and adults to check out this summer.
The lovely grounds of the Millennium Garden at Plymouth Creek Center

French Regional Park
Escape to nature at this park.

French Regional Park offers all sorts of activities ranging from biking, boating, fishing, geocaching and picnicking in the summertime. Located on the north shore of Medicine Lake with an adjacent beach, the park truly feels like an escape to nature without ever leaving Plymouth city limits. The play area is currently under construction, but the beach and paved trails are open all summer. A pavement rehabilitation project is also taking place at the park.

Millennium Garden
A peaceful place that welcomes all outdoor visitors.

The Millennium Garden at the Plymouth Creek Center is coming up on its 15th  year, and is still just as loved by the community as ever. Creek Center manager Chris Fleck says that visitors appreciate the area for its peaceful atmosphere and “subtle but distinguishable features.” These make it a go-to spot for walkers, nature enthusiasts, weddings and group events.

Aspen Ridge Park
Plymouth has unveiled its newest park, as well as miles of new bike trail.

Aspen Ridge Park is officially open to the public, complete with playground equipment, a multi-use court, shelter, green space, and a new 3-mile looping bike trail that was unveiled with the park. Plymouth’s director of parks and recreation Diane Evans says a bonus is that “this park is connected to the Northwest Greenway trail so there are plenty of additional bike trails to access.”

Disc Golf
Test your skills on two of Plymouth’s courses.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro on the disc golf course or an amateur looking to sharpen your aim, Plymouth offers two full disc golf courses that are bustling in the summer months. The Plymouth Creek Playfield off of Fernbrook Lane is a 12-hole course for the more experienced player, while the Zachary Playfield on Zachary Lane is more beginner-friendly with nine holes.

Nature Canyon Park

Nature Canyon Park is a beautiful area on 71 acres of land right off Interstate 494. The park has unpaved nature trails that reveal a gorge, wildflowers and unique forest ecology, as well as a picnic space that caters well to large groups.

All Wheels Welcome
Plymouth’s Pumptrack offers bikers, boarders, and scooters a place to perfect their skills.

Last summer, the city of Plymouth became the first city in Minnesota to have its very own modular pumptrack. What is it exactly? It’s a progressive track designed so that riders can propel themselves using just the curves of the track, without any pedaling or pushing. This is useful for everyone from young riders just learning to ride a bike to experienced mountain bikers looking to practice while the trails are unusable.

There’s also community art tied in with the project to make it unique to Plymouth. Amy Mason, a Perpich Center for the Arts student at the time, was chosen to design and create a Minnesota-themed mural for the space last year.