Bite-Sized Theater

The Prairie Fire Children’s Theater will be casting local youth in a production of Peter Pan at the Hilde.

In a matter of five days, the Prairie Fire Children’s Theater will hold community auditions, cast all 81 roles, rehearse and perform a production of Peter Pan. Artistic director Jeremy Day says that this rapid pace allows kids to get a taste of theater without committing to a months-long schedule.

“The show is never the same,” he says. “Yes, it’s the same script and the same characters, but it’s always different in how each of the kids brings their character to life.” Day says that although a character such as the pirate Smee may have the same script, it could be a completely different performance from one community to the next. While the roles are pre-written, “the kids bring their own excitement to the role.”

The process begins on Monday, July 17 when the director holds auditions for the 81 roles to fill for this particular show. To avoid denying any kids a part, many communities and schools have started a system of pre-registration that cuts off at a certain limit, Day says. Any child between the ages of 7–14 years old who wishes to participate must pre-register through Plymouth Parks & Recreation prior to the auditions.

Days says that the challenge of such a short rehearsal period is a good test of teamwork for the kids. “It’s an exciting opportunity to see what kids are able to accomplish and see what they can do over five days,” he says. Though you’d think lassoing 81 kids to put together a show in one week is a recipe for disaster, the quick pace keeps the kids focused. “They really work together,” he says. “Without one character, the show doesn’t make sense.”

Peter Pan
July 21 at 7 p.m. July 22 at 2 p.m.
Hilde Performance Center