Welcome, Primavera

With the
coming of spring (will it ever?), the city of Plymouth historically welcomes Primavera,
fittingly the dawning of the arts season in town. Plymouth Arts Council co-sponsors
the event, made possible by a grant from the Metropolitan Regional Arts Council,
which features mixed media artists and musicians including the Plymouth Concert
Band, acoustic string musicians, treVeld, and the award-winning Taiko drumming
group, Mu Daiko. Read more about Welcome, Primavera

Magician Matt Dunn

Some of you remember Plymouth's own magician, Matt Dunn, who's graced our print pages for everything from his magic acts (November 2009) to his annual freak fest, Screamtown (October 2013). Beginning in March, his magic acts--previously performed primarily for corporate and birthday parties and at one-time-only shows--will be a regular "must-see" in Minnetonka.

"This will be my BIG magic show that is much more grand than people have seen before," he says. "We're talking sawing in half, levitation, new live animals." Read more about Magician Matt Dunn

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