Andy Juelich: Discover the Art Within

Look at the large body of work from one of the most beloved artists and art teachers around.

Plymouth artist Andy Juelich is the ultimate multi-tasker. Proficient in woodworking, painting, leather, rattan and clay—his favorite medium among many favorites—Juelich not only thrives on creating art, but in teaching others, of all ages, to find the same joy in the artistic process as he does. 

Through his classes for children and teens at Minnetonka Center for the Arts (he spent all but one week  this summer teaching) as well as for adults, Juelich’s gracious, laidback personality earns him raves from students and staff alike. Leah Hughes, children and youth program director for Minnetonka Center for the Arts, calls Juelich “a phenomenal teacher who really brings creativity to the classroom.”

When asked how he counsels young students who ask his advice about pursuing the artistic life, Juelich smiles. “Being an artist is a tough career choice,” he says. “But I knew it was the only thing that would make me happy, so I wanted to do whatever I could to pursue that life.”

Learn more about artist and teacher Andy Juelich in the August issue of Plymouth Magazine, available August 1. Until then, check out Juelich’s body of work at his website. For more information about classes, visit the Minnetonka Center for the Arts website.

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