So Long, Farewell

Introducing the next editor of Plymouth Magazine, Molly Kentala Broman.

Greetings, Plymouth!

As editor of Plymouth Magazine for more than three years now, I've had the true pleasure of getting to know many of you, your businesses, favorite playgrounds, delicious food and fine shopping destinations first-hand. And while the headline of this blog post might suggest otherwise, I'm not exactly going anywhere, so I won't have to give up these simple delights anytime soon.

My role with the magazine is expanding, yet somewhat retracting, effective with the December issue (which we are about to begin planning; can you believe it?!). So today I'm thrilled to introduce you informally to Molly Kentala Broman, who will be the face of the publication and primary story afficionado going forward. I'll stick behind the scenes as managing editor, so I continue to welcome your feedback regarding anything and eveything Plymouth, but also do email Molly with all the latest and greatest our community has to offer.

Auf wiedersehen, for now.