Help Our World Travelers Help You

Erica and Matt Chua want to use their worldly experience to help people visit their dream destinations while limiting cost and time.

Erica and Matt Chua are nearing the end of their first year of a planned three-year world tour. It’s fair to say that traveling, to them, isn’t just a way to get a change of scenery. It’s their passion.

Erica, a guest travel columnist for Plymouth Magazine, and her husband are aiming to utilize that passion to create a travel book and website that assists travelers with detailed, affordable and money-conscious itineraries. 

Visit their Kickstarter account page for more information, to give feedback or to pledge money. They are hoping to raise enough to meet their $10,000 goal by January 1. Pledges wouldn’t be used for the Chua’s travel expenses, but rather earmarked for creating a quality book and website.

The Chua’s want the book’s content to be based on information from their online community, their website’s Q&A and their sponsors on Kickstarter.

This adventurous couple has been saving money for their tour for many years, and estimates spending less than $50 a day. Their next stops include New Zealand, India, the Middle East and Latin America.

For more info on the Chua’s and their travel adventures, check out their living if blog.