You Run, Girlfriend!

Plymouth resident Cathy Schmidt is a co-founder and participant in the Women Run the Cities races.

Plymouth resident Cathy Schmidt, one of the co-founders of Women Run the Cities, wasn’t really joking when she said she never thought she’d be able to run down her block, let alone run a 5K race. A few pairs of running shoes and more than a few miles on the path at French Regional Park later, Schmidt is proud to have completed her first 10K (6.2-mile) race last spring and plans to graduate from the 5K and run in the Women Run the Cities 10-mile race September 23 at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis.

Exemplifying the spirit of support and empowerment provided by this popular race, now in its sixth year, Schmidt’s good friend and a co-founder of Women Run the Cities Meghan Huber will be running right alongside her.  The two have participated in other races together, but for Huber this will be the first time she will put down her event coordinator clipboard and line up for the 10-mile race. Women Run the Cities, says Huber, “really is kind of a girlfriend event.”

Find out more about the history of Women Run the Cities, a recent top honor the race received and what’s in store for this year in the August issue of Plymouth Magazine, available August 1 at

Until then, don’t be afraid to sign up. Registration is still open for Women Run the Cities, which will be held at 8 a.m. September 23, at Minnehaha Park in Minneapolis. Cost is $35-65, depending on time of registration. In addition to the 5K and 10-mile race, there is also a 1-mile run for elementary and middle school-age girls ($10).